Global functions

This API contains various functions which is used in the services that Citygate provide (Lokus, KiN, etc). In order to use these functions, you have to register a user at Citygate.

FAST ForceRemove

  • URL:{int}&apiKey={guid}
  • Parameters:
    • cgProductId: (required) The id of the product which is to be removed.
    • apiKey: (required) The unique guid given to you.
  • Method: GET
  • Accept: application/json
  • Response:
    • Date = The date and time of the request.
    • Description = When OK, then this holds OK aswell. When ERROR, then this holds the exception which was thrown.
    • Data = OK if the cgProductId has been added to the jobqueue.

A function used when a product hasn´t been properly removed from the FAST index.